Social Security Disability Application

Help Filing Your Initial Social Security Disability Application

When filing your initial social security disability application, give yourself the best chance of initial claim success

It is true that most people are turned down on their first social security disability application. Even people who are clearly disabled are routinely turned away.

However, about 25 to 30 percent of claimants are approved on the first try. There are steps you can take to improve your chances for success. Even if your claim is denied, you can position yourself for success at the next stages of the claims process.

We Help File Your Initial Social Security Disability Application Claim

The Birmingham law firm of Cox & Stansberry Law, handles only Social Security Disability claims. We have helped thousands of people in northern and north central Alabama qualify for disability benefits. We invite you to contact us online or call 800-930-1205.

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Birmingham and Montgomery Disability Claim Attorneys

Some law firms say “Call us after your claim is rejected.” At Cox & Stansberry Law, we take a more proactive and optimistic approach. We urge clients to contact us before they submit their claims. We are patient and compassionate advocates, as opposed to dealing with the bureaucracy at the Social Security Administration. We are 100 percent on your side.

We know the grim statistics, and the truth is that most initial claims are denied even when the claimant has legal counsel. So why hire our firm to help with your initial claim?

  • An attorney makes a difference: Government statistics show that unrepresented applicants fare worse than those represented by lawyers.
  • You can enhance your odds: We know many ways to boost the likelihood that your initial claim will be among the minority that are approved. Many legitimate claims are rejected simply because the forms are filled out incompletely or incorrectly.
  • We can anticipate problems: As a former SSA staff attorney, Ms. Cox is knowledgeable about why claims are turned down. We can address gaps in treatment, weak evidence of impairment, atypical symptoms and other issues.
  • We know the criteria: Our lawyers are familiar with the physical and mental listed impairments, as well as special rules for claimants age 50 and over. We know which medical records and supporting documentation the SSA decision-makers are looking for in approving or denying claims. For example, we are knowledgeable about consultative exams and statements from treating physicians, independent medical exams and vocational exams, school records, work attempts, third-party affidavits and anything else that might help your claim.
  • You can’t afford not to hire a lawyer: Errors or omissions in your claim can cause needless delay or cost you benefits. SSD and SSI claims are already long and complicated enough.

Historically, we were not involved on the front end of cases. Only recently were attorneys allowed to file SSD claims on behalf of individuals. Our lawyers have embraced the change because we know that our involvement can help some clients get benefits that much sooner. We can sit down with you in our office or walk you through the application over the phone.

Filing for Disability in Birmingham or Anywhere in Alabama

By helping clients avoid mistakes and build a strong case, we either win approval on the initial application or position clients favorably for their administrative hearing. In a bureaucratic system as daunting as Social Security, you need every possible advantage.

The experienced, compassionate attorneys of Cox & Stansberry Law, LLC, truly care about securing your benefits. We offer a
free consultation, and we take no attorney fees unless and until you win your case.

Contact us online, or call 800-930-1205 (toll free) or 205-870-1205 in Birmingham.

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